Sticker Charts

Spring Dynamic Dots for Teachers to Record ProgressLaser Stars Dynamic Dots for Teachers to Record Progress

Dynamic Dots for Sticker Charts

Dynamic Dots, Stars and Glitz dot stickers and stars are the perfect, no mess, no fuss way to record progress. Our dot stickers come in packs of 800 and offer coordinators and kids a variety of multi-coloured designs to have fun with while learning.  These stickers can not only be used on sticker charts but are also handy for day to day use for sticking on homework, sticking on a student’s hand when they have completed a task successfully or sticking straight onto the whiteboard to represent an achievement tracking system.

There’s a huge variety of sticker charts that come with different colours, characters and styles that can be paired with our dynamic dots.  Some of our dynamic dots are also metallic and shiny which really gets the kids competing for an award.  The dynamic dots range includes the basic coloured stars sticker sheet plus a fun range of encouraging character sticker sheets including big smiling clowns, dinosaur characters, smiley faces, happy stars, creatures of nature, creatures of the sea and creatures of the jungle.  The dynamic glitz sticker sheet range includes active teddy bears, rainbow fish, smiling clowns, intergalactic stars and when it’s the season to be jolly, Christmas Santas.

Progress & Incentive Charts for Teachers

Sticker Charts

Used in conjunction with stamps, merit stickers or dynamic dots, these A5 all colourful sticker charts build up the excitement as they encourage students onwards and upwards. Teachers can use these charts and stickers to help students work towards the next challenge.  Also used in conjunction with dynamic dots and stars are the larger (55cm x 42cm) incentive charts which help teachers to organise activities easily and quickly by allowing them to record the progress of a group or whole class.

The advantage of being able to organize, initiate and track group activities quickly mainly lies in the teacher’s ability to focus on each student’s performance.  Instead of having the teacher focus most of her energy on detecting patterns of good behaviour or figuring out who won last week or who goes first, she can simply take a look at the chart.

Where should I put my class sticker chart?

Having the sticker chart on the wall in the class acts as a reminder for students.  A larger chart can be used can be used to record the individual student progress of the whole class, or a smaller one to record the combined effort of the whole class working towards a goal.

Those who are of the opinion that wall sticker charts used in this way cause jealousy and rebellion can have students stick their individual charts on the inside of a text book or note book.  This way, every student knows how well they are doing and doesn’t have to share it with the whole class.  Teachers can also take students’ notebooks back home to do the marking and see at a glance the ground covered over the term and the work that still needs doing.

Class Ideas using Sticker Charts

There are a heap of activities that use merit stickers and sticker charts in our merit stickers blog.

They can also be used as a good behaviour chart to record and reward good deeds and acts at home or in class.

stickers and
other awards
for merit,
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Great Work!

Aboriginal Art Merit Stickers

aboriginal art merit stickers Reward good efforts in traditional style with these Aboriginal Designs.

Well Done!

Fairy Tale Merit Stickers

Fairy Tale Merit Stickers Award merit in fairy tale style with these themed stickers featuring characters we all know and love.


Scented Merit Stickers

Scensations Merit Stickers Award a sensory merit with these scentsational scented stickers featuring lots of different flavoured themes.

Keep Going!

Dynamic Dots

Dynamic Dots Merit Stickers Award progress one step at a time by sticking these small and colourful dynamic dots to a progress or incentive chart.