Merit Stickers

Merit Stickers are specialised product of Australian Teaching Aids that offers teachers, coordinators, parents and other leaders a practical way to award merit using colourful stickers.  We take into consideration different situations inside and outside the classroom to give the right reward for specific efforts.  If you can’t find what you are looking for here we are sure to have it at Australian Teaching Aids where all of our products can be ordered online.

The Latest and Greatest in Merit Stickers

The plain “good job” sticker has come leaps and bounds since the old days which makes us proud to offer our leading range of merit awards in the form of school merit stickers, stickers for kids,  teachers stickers and sticker charts.

Firstly, ATA’s merit awards section offers a variety of themed merit award stickers to suit kids of all ages.  The school stickers section gives teachers of different subjects specific merit stickers for rewarding specific subject related tasks.  Next, the novelty stickers section allows you to browse some of our sticker products based on sticker type, whether it be fluorescent or metallic – we have it all!.  Lastly, the teachers’ stickers section aims to provide teachers with a toolkit for managing larger groups such as the entire class with stickers.  This also includes progress charts and incentive charts that can be used for achievements and attendance among other things.

Merit Stickers are Integral to Learning

When used regularly, merit stickers are a proven method of reinforcing good behaviour and rewarding effort. That’s why we have made a great range of stickers available at budget prices so as not to break the budget during regular use.

A child can be rewarded in many ways, verbally, a pat on the back or given certain privilages.  The fact is all children love to receive something tangible… even  better, something shiny, colourful and fun!

Merit Stickers can be given to children for a single task such as a sentence well written or they can be used to measure progress on a chart.  Sooner or later, a culture of effort and reward starts to develop in the classroom and a desired model of behaviour can easily be mapped out by the teacher.  For older students, we have an extensive range of more specific merit stickers that have slogans such as “well presented” for specific efforts.

We hope that you find the teaching tool that you are looking for here at Merit Stickers!
If not please contact us with your ideas and if at all possible we will design to fit your need.

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Great Work!

Aboriginal Art Merit Stickers

aboriginal art merit stickers Reward good efforts in traditional style with these Aboriginal Designs.

Well Done!

Fairy Tale Merit Stickers

Fairy Tale Merit Stickers Award merit in fairy tale style with these themed stickers featuring characters we all know and love.


Scented Merit Stickers

Scensations Merit Stickers Award a sensory merit with these scentsational scented stickers featuring lots of different flavoured themes.

Keep Going!

Dynamic Dots

Dynamic Dots Merit Stickers Award progress one step at a time by sticking these small and colourful dynamic dots to a progress or incentive chart.