Stickers for Kids

Novelty stickers are a great way to engage, encourage and reward children with merit in more ways than one!  We have a range of special stickers that are sure to get the kids talking including Fluoro style stickers that glow and foil and metallic style stickers that shine.  Check out our range below and be sure to visit Australian Teaching Aids for a more extensive variety of these great products

Fluoro Novelty Stickers

Fluoro Stickers for Kids

Nothing is more awesome than a fluoro awesome sticker and nothing is more super than a fluoro super sticker! These new look fluoro stickers come in packs of 96 and make the perfect teaching aids for awarding that extra special merit to that extra special child.

Monster Metallic Novelty StickersMusic Metallic Novelty Stickers

Metallic Stickers for Kids

ATA’s metallic looking stickers offer a great way to say well done, very good, great and good work to kids throughout their coursework. Each pack of 96 offers an appropriate sayings such as great, well done, very good and good work accompanied by monster designs that are sure to have the kids laughing and comparing their work.

Excellent Outstanding Foil Novelty StickersStars Foil Novelty StickersSuper Foil Novelty Stickers

Foil Stickers for Kids

When the kids surprise you with an excellent or outstanding effort then it’s time to award them with something that let’s them know they have shined. ATA’s attractive foil stickers feature the ultimate in reward terminology – “outstanding” in sparkling designs that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face when they realize how impressed you are with their work.  Remember, save these ones for the best work!

Cherry Novelty Scented StickersPineapple Novelty Scented StickersGrape Novelty Scented Stickers

Novelty Scented Stickers for Kids – Scratch & Sniff

The scented sticker sheets offer a way for teachers to reward kidsgood efforts in a visual and sensory manner. Each individual pack contains 180 stickers and is themed with a particular fruit such as strawberry, mandarin, apple, grape, chocolate, cherry, banana and watermelon.  There are also variety packs with a mixture of each flavour that are sure to have the kids comparing and scratching stickers all day. Look for the new release of this type of product in 2013. Due to popular demand.

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Great Work!

Aboriginal Art Merit Stickers

aboriginal art merit stickers Reward good efforts in traditional style with these Aboriginal Designs.

Well Done!

Fairy Tale Merit Stickers

Fairy Tale Merit Stickers Award merit in fairy tale style with these themed stickers featuring characters we all know and love.


Scented Merit Stickers

Scensations Merit Stickers Award a sensory merit with these scentsational scented stickers featuring lots of different flavoured themes.

Keep Going!

Dynamic Dots

Dynamic Dots Merit Stickers Award progress one step at a time by sticking these small and colourful dynamic dots to a progress or incentive chart.